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“The Rocks and Dirt We Stand On” at the New Brunswick Free Public Library

Dr. Lauren Neitzke-Adamo of Rutgers University will speak about rocks  and dirt on Tuesday, July 15 at the New Brunswick Free Public Library. 

This introduction to geology and local landforms will focus on New Jersey’s geologically diverse landscape.  Despite its small size, Jersey’s rich geologic history ranges from the Appalachian to the Shore and the Coastal Plain.

Dr. Lauren Neitzke-Adamo, a professor of Geology and docent Rutgers University, will discuss how the land forms of New Brunswick evolved over time to the present formations including the major geologic events, the variety of common fossils, mineral resources and much more. 

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“Over Time on the Raritan River” at the New Brunswick Free Public Library

Bill Schultz of Raritan Riverkeepers will present “Over Time on the Raritan River” on July 30 at the New Brunswick Free Public Library. The program will discuss settlement and city building, the Industrial Revolution, the abandonment of the area by heavy industry, and the legacy remaining. He will cover the uses the river has had, including transportation, farming, fishing, commercial ports, industrial garbage can, and a recreational haven. 

Bill began environmental work in 1991 as a volunteer water quality monitor with the NY/NJ Baykeepers. He founded the Baykeeper Boat Auxiliary in 1993 and the Riverkeeper program in 1999. Riverkeepers work on conservation advocacy by stopping pollution, championing public access, and influencing land use policy decisions. Riverkeepers pursue opportunities for land preservation, habitat restoration, and advancing knowledge of the environmental and biological importance of this valuable recreational and cultural resource. Bill will bring information 
about Riverkeepers for those wishing to join the effort to clean and preserve the Raritan River. 

This event is part of the library’s NJ350 celebration as well as the Adult Summer Reading Program. For more information please call the library at (732) 745-5108, ext. 20 or visit www.nbfpl.org/events

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Herbs 101 at the New Brunswick Free Public Library

Engage in a hands-on workshop of using herbs as alternatives for remedies and other household products on Tuesday, July 29 at the New Brunswick Free Public Library. 

Herbs 101 is presented by Gertrude Coleman, Vice President of the Staten Island Herb Society. A writer for the Society’s newsletter “The Herbal Thyme”, she is a frequent contributor to the International Herb Association, with articles on herbs and herb gardens in the Northeast. She is also an associate professor of English at Middlesex County 
College in Edison and has helped maintain the colonial herb garden at Conference House Park for 25 years. 

To ensure there are enough samples for each participant to take home, please register by calling (732) 745-5108, ext. 20, or email htang@lmxac.org

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Journey Through the History of Jewelry at the New Brunswick Free Public Library

Come to the library on July 19 for a  a fascinating journey through time to learn the different trends in jewelry styles. The event is free for all ages. There will be gem giveaway following a Q&A. 

The Presentation is provided by Peter Stavrianidis of Venus Jewelers of Somerset, NJ. Mr. Stavrianidis is a Certified Gemologist Appraiser (CGA) from the American Gem Society (AGS) and is the principal owner of Venus Jewelers.

For questions or registration, please contact Hsien-min Chen at (732) 745-5108 ext. 20 or email htang@lmxac.org

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“Secrets of Earth’s Neighbors” at the New Brunswick Free Public Library

Investigate celestial bodies at the New Brunswick Free Public Library. The Ocean County College Planetarium will present “Secrets of Earth’s Neighbors” on Wednesday, July 9 at the New Brunswick Free Public Library.

The secrets of the Sun, the Moon, the constellations, motions and phases, eclipses and tides are some of the topics that will be covered. Hear some ancient and modern legends about the Moon, visit with astronauts to uncover the moon’s true nature, and explore its possible future uses as a natural resource. 

The program is free to all and is made possible by the generous donation 
of Constellation, an Exelon company. 

Please visit www.nbfpl.org for other Summer Reading programs expanding the Summer Reading Program theme of “Science.” For further information contact Hsien-min Chen at (732) 745-5108, ext. 20. 

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Science Fiction Book Club at the New Brunswick Free Public Library

Rutgers University Senior Paul Rando will host the first meeting of a new science fiction book club on Wednesday, July 2 at the New Brunswick Free Public Library.

The first meeting will entail a discussion of what books the club should read.

The club will meet regularly on the first Wednesday of each month.

For more information, contact Jackie Oshman or the Reference Desk at (732) 745-5108, ext. 20. 

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Adult Summer Reading Program Kickoff

Grab a good book this summer! Come to the kickoff of the New Brunswick Free Public Library’s Adult Summer Reading program from 1 to 3 p.m. Saturday, June 21.

The first 25 people to register for the program will receive a free goody bag.

This summer’s theme is related to science, and will entail science fiction movie nights,and programs discussing local landforms, constellation movements, fossils, herbs and the history of jewelry.

From June 21 through August 15, participating adults may read books and submit reviews to the library for a chance to win prizes.

For more information, visit www.nbfpl.org

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