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Urban Cleanup Week is Coming! 

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New Brunswick is a Sustainable Jersey-Certified Community!

New Brunswick is a Sustainable Jersey-Certified City!

Talkin’ Trash with DPW Staff

New Brunswick DPW staff visited McKinley Community School this spring to discuss trash and recycling collection, road maintenance and other municipal services that the department handles on a daily basis.

Students got a close-up look at some of the department’s collection trucks, construction vehicles and a street sweeper as part of the visit, a fun experience for both staffers and the kids.


Urban Cleanup Week 2016 is a success!

School Kids Sweep Up Day was successful for another year as 5th graders from Roosevelt, McKinley, Woodrow Wilson and Paul Robeson schools removed approximately 1.29 tons of litter from streets in their neighborhoods.

School Kids Sweep Up Day is held annually as part of the City’s Urban Cleanup Week. Students from elementary schools in town mobilize, grab gloves, safety vests and brooms and spend the day outside cleaning up litter and learning about the importance of recycling and proper trash disposal. They are then treated to a Clean City Celebration that entails the annual Slam Dunk the Junk basketball game.

The students were aided by employees from the New Brunswick DPW and Unitex and Coca-Cola, the day’s longtime sponsors. Unitex and Coca-Cola also donated lunch and bottled water to keep the students nourished.

Of the approximate 1.29 tons of litter about .84 tons was trash and about .45 tons were recyclables. All was taken by the New Brunswick DPW for proper disposal and recycling.

To promote a little friendly competition, the schools were challenged to see how much they could collect as a team. Roosevelt School came in first and earned the “Golden Broom” Award with 46 lbs per student.

Each year, the efforts of these students make a real difference in the cleanliness and beautification of our community, and each year, the students enthusiastically rise to the task of keeping their neighborhoods clean. They did an awesome job this year and we’re already gearing up for next year!

Here’s some photos from the day:





E-Waste Recycling Resumes!

The Electronic (E) Waste Recycling Drop Off at the New Brunswick Department of Public Works (DPW) has resumed its E-Waste drop off! Residents may drop off TVs, laptop and desktop computers at the DPW building on Jersey Avenue on the second Saturday of each month from 8 a.m. to noon. No other electronics will be accepted during the drop off.

At a time when the City has recently won our first Sustainable Jersey award and when “going green” is a growing issue of importance, ensuring proper product recycling and relegation is the key to doing everything we can today for a better tomorrow!

Recycling 101

Recycling can become confusing. From plastics to cans to paper and then you add in those tiny numbers that are supposed to make recycling easier…but the question is, here in New Brunswick, what numbers can you recycle?

Well, here’s the answer plus some helpful hints.

  1. Always recycle #’s 1 and 2Recycling Numbers 1 and 2
  2. Use bins, not bags! Bags get stuck in the recycling equipment at the facilities, cause more collection injuries and delay both trash and recycling collection. So rather than putting your recyclables in bags, please put them in the City recycling bins. Check them out here: http://thecityofnewbrunswick.org/blog/2015/03/05/use-bins-not-bags/
  3. Any paper you can easily tear can be recycled
  4. Staples don’t need to be removed from papers
  5. Bottle Caps should be thrown in the trash
  6. Household batteries go in the trash, but rechargeable and cell phone batteries get recycled
  7. Place recycling curbside the night before your recycling collection day after 5:00 p.m.
  8. Bundle and tie all corrugated cardboard for recycling collection.

For an even easier way to figure out what’s recyclable and what’s trash, download the free MyWaste app.


Sustainable Jersey Award-Winning Clean City Block Captain Program

The New Brunswick Clean City Block Captain program is coordinated by the Clean Communities Coordinator, Donna Caputo, to engage neighborhoods through community involvement.

In November of 2015, upon receiving New Brunswick’s first-ever Sustainable Jersey Certification, the Clean City Block Captain program received the Creativity and Innovation Award at the New Jersey State League of Municipalities Sustainable Jersey Luncheon!

All residents are encouraged to become Clean City Block Captains. Block Captains are responsible for conducting mini clean-ups on their block throughout the year and they educate neighbors about the significance of keeping their block clean. This grass roots effort keeps litter off the streets and builds community bonds block by block.

The program started in 2010. The City provides Block Captains with bags, gloves, educational materials in both English and Spanish along with technical support from the City of New Brunswick to aid in the clean-up process. The Clean City Block Captain program meets twice a year and active Block Captains receive awards, like certificates and clean-up tools to aid in the clean-up process, and are acknowledged for their participation and dedication to the New Brunswick community.


“New Brunswick Is In Your Hands Please Keep It Clean”


Our friends from the Office of Off-Campus Living and Community Partnerships at RU with Councilman John Anderson

(The above pictures were taken at the March 22, 2016 Block Captains Meeting, where awards were given to our dedicated Block Captains and community partners. We celebrated our hard working volunteers and remember in 2016 to Stop-Think-Go Green – Keep New Brunswick Clean!)

Block Captains also promote the City’s “Stop-Think-Go Green – Keep New Brunswick Clean” slogan which encourages people to use trash receptacles and recycle. Block Captains take it upon themselves to make a positive impact on the City. They do M.O.R.E.

Motivate others

Organize mini clean-ups

Recruit block captains and Report issues

Educate neighbors

Click Here to download the Clean City Block Application Form
Click Here to view the Stop Think Go Green Keep New Brunswick Clean Program Poster
Click Here to view the Stop Think Go Green Keep New Brunswick Clean Program Poster in Spanish

Use Bins – Not Bags!

(Click above image for Use Bins – Not Bags! to make it bigger)
When disposing of recyclables, New Brunswick residents must use bins instead of bags. But why? The City of New Brunswick does not allow for pickup of recyclable items in bags. The disposal of recyclables in bins is better for the environment and for the sanitation workers tasked with picking them up.Bins cost less, they do not produce extra waste, and they’re easier to pick up and empty than bags. They can also get tangled in machines at recycling plants, slowing down the process.Residents should places their cans, bottles and mixed paper curbside in open ridged containers that are no more than 32 gallons in size and no heavier than 50 pounds. This way, sanitation workers will be best able to quickly and efficiently handle collection. Check out the flyer above from New Brunswick Department of Public Works for more information about the benefits of bins over bags.