Animal Control

City of New Brunswick Animal Control Officers Danny Burke and Leroy Burke are pictured with a chihuahua named Charlie.

Animal Control   732-745-5200
The New Brunswick Division of Animal Control works in a coordinated effort to protect both residents and pets and stray animals. The Division responds to calls in both New Brunswick and North Brunswick, rents traps to New Brunswick residents to remove unwanted animals from private property in a harmless way, and provides basic veterinary services to animals without owners.

The Division also offers free educational information to residents on issues related to pet care and handling as well as rabies and neuter/spay programs.

In accordance with Municipal Codes 6.04 and 6.08 the Division of Animal Control licenses all pets and exotic animals kept in the City of New Brunswick.

To apply for a pet license fill out the appropriate form and return it with payment, no personal checks to the Department of Health office at:

New Brunswick Health Department
Division of Animal Control
PO Box 269
New Brunswick NJ 08903-0269

Questions or concerns about matters related to animal control may be emailed to