What’s New in New Brunswick

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The Gateway Transit Village:

The Gateway is probably the most noticeable addition to the New Brunswick landscape.  It brings renewed life to an underutilized site in the city’s core with active sidewalks, new luxury residences, and a focus on diverse activities at the entrance to Rutgers campus. The project serves as a gateway to both downtown New Brunswick and the Rutgers main campus. The project includes mixed-use, ground floor retail, including Brother Jimmy’s BBQ,  and the new Rutgers University Barnes & Noble partnered book store, as well as and The Vue, the tower’s residential section. The 23-story building features 42 penthouse condominiums and 150 rental units, 20 percent of which are designated as affordable housing. The Gateway promenade connection, creating an easier access point to the Westbound tracks from Rutgers’ College Ave campus, to the train platform is also now open.

Bike Lanes:


Suydam Street Bike Lane (2014)

New Brunswick is undertaking the development of bike lanes throughout the city.  Bike  lanes promote healthy living and add greater awareness to cyclist on the road.  The lanes are a combination of shared lanes, also known as sharrows, and dedicated bike lanes.  These lanes include a dedicated bike lane on Remsen Avenue and Suydam Street and sharrows in the 2nd, 5th and 6th ward. (Map)

Middlesex County is currently implementing a 2 mile bikeway path stretching from George Street on the College Avenue campus to Neilsen Street on the Douglass Campus.

Bicycle Corrals:

New Brunswick has installed seven (7) new bicycle corrals throughout the city. Bicycle corrals are installed in the curbside lane of the street instead of on the sidewalk and can accommodate many more bicycles than a typical sidewalk rack. They are especially useful in areas with narrow sidewalks and/or areas high pedestrian population, where it would be obstructive to install a sidewalk rack.

Bike Corral

Flashing Crosswalks:

As part of a pedestrian safety initiative, the City completed the installation of flashing crosswalks on several intersections throughout the City. New Brunswick has installed flashing crosswalks at seven (7) locations throughout town, including Joyce Kilmer Avenue near Roosevelt School, Joyce Kilmer Park and the New Brunswick Teen Center; Commercial Avenue near Robeson School and Van Dyke Avenue near McKinley School and the high school.

Suydam Street Paving Project


Repaving of Suydam Street (2014)

Suydam Street has undergone a complete road surface transformation in 2014.  New curb extensions have been installed on Suydam Street at Throop Avenue as part of the Suydam Street paving project. Curb extensions shorten the distance that pedestrians must travel when crossing the street. Suydam Street has also added a two-way bicycle lane that runs from French Street to Red Oak Lane on Cook Campus.