What’s New in New Brunswick

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Zebra Way Supportive Needs Housing Housing:

12 units of supportive needs housing for formerly homeless households is being developed on Zebra Way, off of Van Dyke Avenue. The units will provide low cost housing along with supportive services to assist residents with work, education and social service issues. The project is being developed through a partnership of BCUW/Madeline Housing, Coming Home Middlesex and is supported by a grant from the City’s HOME program. The units will be completed in early 2018.

Bike Lanes and Sharrows:


New Brunswick is undertaking the development of bike lanes


throughout the city.  Bike  lanes promote healthy living and add

greater awareness to cyclist on the road.  The lanes are a combination of shared lanes, also known as sharrows, on-street lanes and protected bike lanes.  .

You can learn more about bike lanes and sharrows by clicking here.



Bicycle Corrals:

Bike Corral


New Brunswick has installed ten (10) new bicycle corrals throughout the city. Bicycle corrals are installed in the curbside lane of the street instead of on the sidewalk and can accommodate many m


ore bicycles than a typical sidewalk rack. They are especially useful in areas with narrow sidewalks and/or areas high pedestrianpopulation, where it would be obstructive to install a sidewalk rack.


Flashing Crosswalks:

As part of a pedestrian safety initiative, the City completed the installation of flashing crosswalks on several intersections throughout the City. New Brunswick has installed flashing crosswalks at seven (7) locations throughout town, including: Joyce Kilmer Avenue near Roosevelt School; Joyce Kilmer Park and the New Brunswick Teen Center; Commercial Avenue near Robeson School; Van Dyke Avenue near McKinley School; Throop Ave and Suydam St; and the high school.


Welton Street Park:

A new neighborhood park is being developed on Welton Street across from Roosevelt Elementary School. The new park will include seating, recreation and multi-purpose areas.

The design of the park has been a community-based partnership between the City and  Construction should begin in 2018.