Supportive Needs Housing

In order to address the needs of the homeless population inMiddlesex County, the City is working with non-profit developers including Triple C, Reformed Church of Highland Park


Affordable Housing Corporation and Women Aware to develop supportive needs housing in the community.

Triple C has developed Promise House,  a 2-story, 10-unit building, that will provide housing to recently homeless individuals and provide them with support services to prevent a reoccurrence of their homelessness. Pursuant to the county’s Plan to End Homelessness in 10 Years, this facility uses the Housing First concept to address the needs of homeless individuals.  This strategy views homelessness as a symptom of other issues. The goal of Housing First is to provide the homeless with immediate housing and then provide them the services they need to address the causes of their homelessness. The City is supporting the project with $608,593 from its HOME Program.

Reformed Church of Highland Park Affordable Housing Corporation is seeking to rehabilitate two houses on Redmond Street for supportive needs housing. RCHP has completed the rehabilitation of one house with the assistance of $140,000 from the City’s HOME program for acquisition and rehabilitation of the property. The City and RCHP are hoping to acquire and rehabilitate a nearby home for supportive housing in 2013.

Women Aware is rehabilitating a 3-unit house on Livingston Avenue for supportive needs housing for homeless women who have been subjects of domestic violence.