Coming Soon in New Brunswick

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Supportive Needs Housing:

The City has awarded Bergen County United Way and Madeline Corporation with $889,563 from its HOME Program to transform a portion of the sanctuary of the historic First Reformed Church into 10 homes for female victims of domestic violence and their children.  Tenants will pay about one-quarter of their rent, with the rest to be provided by federal Department of Housing and Urban Development housing vouchers.

College Ave Redesign:

Construction is underway on projects that will significantly enhance the university’s historic College Avenue Campus!  The project, to be completed by fall 2016, will enable the University to meet the high demand for academic classroom space and student housing on the College Avenue campus. The project recently opened an Honors College that will play a vital role in the State’s and University’s efforts to keep the best and brightest students in New Jersey.  The area at the corner of Hamilton St. and College Ave, Lot 8, will be home to a mixed use project, which will include 800-bed housing for students, retail space on the bottom floor, and a public plaza inside the surrounding building area. The proposed space could be used for outdoor cafés and art, as well as for public events like concerts, movie screenings, and screenings of Rutgers sporting events.

More Bike Lanes:

In the coming year, there will be new bike lanes added to our City’s streets! The City has adopted a Complete Streets policy that directs the City to add bicycle and pedestrian facilities to streets lacking these facilities when the City does road improvements. A bike lane connecting C.A.C to Douglas is under construction running along George Street to Neilson Street. Learn more about bike lanes by clicking here.


Middlesex County Bikeway Proposed Path

Broadston at Riverbend:

Construction is underway 8-story, multi-family residential building containing 393 units. Located at New Street, Neilson Street, and Liberty Street. The building will provide fitness amenities, a game room, a media lounge and children’s community rooms. As a proponent to a healthy lifestyle, the building will offer bike storage and maintenance shop as well as a pool and patio area. As part of the application the applicant has proposed the creation of a bike lane on Liberty Street running from George Street down to Neilson Street.

Neilson Street Park: 

The City will be starting a design and engineering process to develop a new park at the site of the current Wolfson Parking Deck. The park location is within walking distance to over 5,000 residents. It will provide needed outdoor space in the Neilson Street neighborhood for social gatherings, exhibits, and recreation.