Forms & Information

Division of Fire Safety,New Brunswick Fire Department Forms:

** Effective Immediately the Fee for Smoke Detectors and Fire Permits have changed to Comply with the New Jersey Uniform Fire Code.***

Smoke Detector & Carbon Monoxide Alarm Application

Exit Light and Emergency Lighting Log 

Fire Safety Permit

Festival Cooking Permit Application

Food Vendor Guidelines

Application for Non-Life Hazard Use 

State of New Jersey Division of Fire Safety RIMS log in information:

RIMS Log on Information

State of New Jersey Fire Code 

Knox Box Applications Web-Based:

Knox Box Applications On Line 

Non-Life Hazard Use Fee Schedule:

0-999 Square Feet $50.00

1,000-2,999 Square Feet $100.00

3,000-5,999 Square Feet $200.00

6,000-11,999 Square Feet $400.00

12,000 and Above Square Feet $ 600.00

Multiple Family Dwelling Unit Fees: 

3-5 Units $50.00

6-25 Units $ 150.00

25-49 Units $300.00

50-199 Units $ 400.00

200-499 Units $500.00

500 and Above $600.00

As per City of New Brunswick Ordinance O-091501