Our Department Offers the Following Services:

  1. Prepares Plans and Specifications for:
  • ¬†Infrastructure (Storm and Sanitary Sewer) Improvements
  • Land Development (i.e. Parks and Open Space)
  • Road Improvements
  • Traffic and Signal Improvements
  1. Administers and manages construction and consultant contracts associated
    with utility and other municipal improvement projects.
  2. Provides technical assistance to other City Departments and Agencies.
  3. Makes recommendations on plans for future projects and City
  4. Prepares Street Maps, Ward Maps, and Drug Free Zone Maps
  5. Prepares Grant Applications for funding of road improvements projects,
    clean up of contaminated sites, park developments, etc.
  6. Provides traffic reviews and recommendations on specific traffic related
  7. Oversees the preparation of Tax Maps prepared by Consultant Surveyor.