What’s Going on at the Wolfson Deck Site?

A proposed rendering of how the new park at the Wolfson Deck site may appear.

A proposed rendering of how the new park at the Wolfson Deck site may appear.

The first phase of demolition has begun on the Wolfson Deck as part of a project to construct a public park on the site.

One side of street parking will be suspended on the following streets through June 30 to accommodate demolition and replacement of the adjacent sidewalks:

  • Liberty Street
  • Neilson Street in the vicinity of Bayard Street
  • Bayard Street between Neilson and George

Sidewalks immediately adjacent to the deck on Neilson Street, Bayard Street, and Liberty Street are closed. Please follow the pedestrian detour signage and use the nearby open sidewalks. Liberty Street has been outfitted with a protected pedestrian path in the roadway to provide safe pedestrian passage, as the sidewalk is closed for construction on both sides of the street.

All three streets remain open for vehicular traffic during this time.

A 50,000 sq. foot public park is to be constructed in place of the Wolfson parking deck. It will be maintained by the City of New Brunswick.

Design of the park is still in early stages. It is anticipated that demolition of the deck will be finished by the end of June. At the conclusion of demolition, sidewalks will be refinished and reopened.

The City of New Brunswick looks to incorporate public input into the design of the park to make it suitable for all facets of the community. Opportunities for public input will be announced later this spring as the project progresses.

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