Property Revaluations are Ongoing in the City of New Brunswick – Have You Been Inspected Yet?

More than half of New Brunswick’s homes have been inspected as part of a City-wide revaluation that is currently underway in our town. Bilingual notices and brochures explaining the process were sent to all homes in New Brunswick in May.

They are also available here:

English-language version

Spanish-language version

Information is being gathered by Appraisal Systems, Inc., the firm hired by the City to complete the process. All inspectors wear photo identification badges clearly stating their affiliation with the company. 

If the homeowner is absent during an inspector’s initial visit, notices are left at the property with a number to call to schedule an appointment for the inspector to return to complete the inspection. During their visit, inspectors will look at both the interior and exterior of the home to collect data on the tax value of the property.

Please note that Revaluation is not optional, as every property in the City is to be re-assessed this year to determine the accurate value of properties in our town. In the event that Appraisal Systems is denied access to a property, the company will have to estimate the physical characteristics and value of the property, which may result in higher taxes.

To schedule an appointment for an inspector to visit your property, please call (201) 493-8530.

Information specific to New Brunswick’s revaluation will be made available here, via Appraisal Systems, Inc.’s website. This includes current status of the City’s revaluation as well as identifying information and photos of the company’s inspectors working in New Brunswick.

Residents may also use the website to access a log that will tell them if their property has been assigned for inspection yet and who has been assigned to inspect each property.

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