New Rent Receipts Ordinance in the City of New Brunswick

A new ordinance has been enacted in the City of New Brunswick that now requires receipts to be provided to all tenants that pay their month rent in cash or money order.

This ordinance will be in effect for rent payments due for May 2018 and thereafter.

This change is to be reflected via an addition to City Rent Control regulations:

“A landlord receiving rent or other payments from a tenant in cash or by money order shall provide a written receipt for payment immediately upon receipt if the payment is made in person, or within three business days if payment by cash or money order is not made in person.”

Rent payments made by personal check are not included in this change. The form of receipt to be used is at the choice of the landlord. This system will provide protections for both landlord and tenant and provide for a more efficient rent control system in the City of New Brunswick.

Benefits of this new change will include:

  • Landlord and tenant protection in the event of rental disputes
  • Tenant protection in the event of foreclosure
  • Increased ease in tenant relocation, as tenants must have rented a unit for more than 90 days and provide proof of the rental. Additionally, the amount of rental assistance that a relocated tenant is eligible for is based on the difference between the rent paid in a closed unit and the rent to be paid in a new unit. A lack of written receipts makes it difficult to calculate proper levels of assistance.

Any questions about rent control regulations may be directed to the City’s Office of Rent Control at (732) 745-5050.

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