City of New Brunswick Designated a Bicycle-Friendly Community


The City of New Brunswick is Bronze!

The League of American Bicyclists has designated the City of New Brunswick as a Bicycle-Friendly Community at the Bronze level.  This designation recognizes the City’s commitment to initiatives that aim to make our streets and public spaces safe and accessible to all users.

The Bicycle Friendly Community program allows communities the chance to evaluate their quality of life, sustainability and transportation needs while examining their progress toward increasing bicycle-friendly infrastructure and policies.

The program emphasizes that bicycling is a positive habit for communities to embrace as it promotes mobility, sustainability and health.

New Brunswick received high marks in engineering design of its streets with regards to bicycle amenities, community education, planning and evaluation and encouragement for residents and commuters to increase their use of bicycles.

The City has various on and off-street bicycle facilities to safely accommodate riders of all abilities, many of which are located in the vicinity of public transit hubs – for instance, did you know that the New Brunswick train stations has 94 bicycle parking spaces?

Rutgers University has partnered to help us support these locations with on-campus bicycle repair stations.


New Brunswick’s Complete Streets policy is also of important note. Complete Streets is a policy that intends to make City streets safer and more accessible for pedestrians, cyclists and drivers.

Successful planning and execution through this policy has led to the installation of 4.3 miles of new bike lanes and 6.2 miles of shared lane markings via sharrows (painted signs on the pavement reminding drivers to share the road with cyclists).

Pedestrian improvements have included flashing crosswalks in various neighborhoods, curb extensions to shorten the crossing distance at busy intersections and the installation of three-foot pylons at street corners to prevent illegal parking and to increase visibility for drivers, cyclists and pedestrians.

New Brunswick’s enforcement measures also helped to secure the designation, particularly a City ordinance that requires drivers to maintain a distance of three feet while passing drivers.


The New Brunswick Police Department also collects data on all bike-related incidents and trains designated officers in performing their duties via bicycle instead of patrol car.

In 2015, the City applied for the award and achieved honorable mention status. There are presently 408 Bicycle Friendly Communities in 50 states.


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