Sustainable Jersey Bestows New Brunswick with Certification and Special Award

The City of New Brunswick is excited to announce its first ever Certification Award for Sustainable Jersey.

The New Brunswick Green Team successfully submitted the Sustainable Jersey application this year and New Brunswick is now part of a select group of 156 cities and towns throughout the State of New Jersey to receive Bronze Certification.

Sustainable Jersey is a voluntary program that allows municipalities to formally document and develop their “green” initiatives. In order to become Sustainable Jersey Certified, the City of New Brunswick had to complete a certain balance of points for the rigorous program. New Brunswick finished with a total of 22 actions adding up to 235 points, exceeding the minimum requirement of 150 points.

For every point awarded, substantial documentation was provided to Sustainable Jersey to explain and prove each City-based initiative. An example of this is New Brunswick’s Clean City Block Captain program. This program counted toward one of the 22 actions approved by Sustainable Jersey and will be recognized with the Creativity and Innovation Award at the seventh annual Sustainable Jersey Luncheon in November at the New Jersey League of Municipalities.

It is the work of City employees, departments and the community that helped make this award possible. Receiving Bronze Certification bolsters the ongoing work from all entities in the City that work to make New Brunswick great today and even better for tomorrow.

“When we’re thinking about being ‘sustainable,’ it is looking beyond making things better for ourselves presently. We’re thinking about how the future will be better for others and how we can keep the sustainable snowball going for generations to come,” said Mayor Jim Cahill.

The New Brunswick Green Team continues this work and has already begun working on next year’s application. To get involved in New Brunswick’s green initiatives, contact Briana Suffy at


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