Dads’ School Days Are Just Beginning


Over 400 dads walked their kids to school last week as part of a national initiative that has been embraced by the City of New Brunswick.

“Dads Take Your Child to School Day” is meant to celebrate the role of fathers and other male caregivers in children’s lives by welcoming them into their children’s schools.

Participating adults walked their children to school and upon arrival were greeted by school staff and community partners. A group picture was taken at each location and then the dads and children walked as a group. Some locations provided breakfast, resources and a small program, including ways to better engage fathers in the schools as well as in the community.


Days like this remind fathers that despite the hustle and bustle of life, being an active part of their child’s education greatly impacts their child’s success. By getting to know the teachers and principals, fathers will be better equipped to participate in their child’s education experience and learn more about community services that benefit fathers. Mothers and female caregivers are also welcome at these events.

Paul Robeson Community School, Roosevelt Elementary School and Lincoln Elementary School participated in the event, as well as six PRAB preschools: Mario Gonzalez Child Development Center, Raritan Gardens Early Childhood Center, Joyce Kilmer Early Childhood Center, St. Ladislaus Early Childhood Center and 18 Drift Early Childhood Center.


The New Brunswick events were coordinated by the New Brunswick Fatherhood Commission and New Brunswick Board of Education with support from NJ Department of Children and Families and other community partners.

New Jersey is one of four states to promote this event, along with Illinois, New York and Florida.

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