Use Bins – Not Bags!


When disposing of recyclables, New Brunswick residents must use bins instead of bags. But why?

The City of New Brunswick does not allow for pickup of recyclable items in bags. The disposal of recyclables in bins is better for the environment and for the sanitation workers tasked with picking them up.

Bins cost less, they do not produce extra waste, and they’re easier to pick up and empty than bags. They can also get tangled in machines at recycling plants, slowing down the process.

Residents should places their cans, bottles and mixed paper curbside in open ridged containers that are no more than 32 gallons in size and no heavier than 50 pounds. This way, sanitation workers will be best able to quickly and efficiently handle collection.

Check out the flyer above from New Brunswick Department of Public Works for more information about the benefits of bins over bags.


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