New Brunswick Sister Cities Foster Friendships Worldwide

New Brunswick’s friendships extend far beyond central New Jersey.

The New Brunswick Sister Cities Association, Inc.  is a nonprofit agency that was founded in 1960 as a means for New Brunswick to connect with cities around the world to diplomatically foster relationships and share information about their respective ways of life, including government, art and culture, business, education and social services. It is part of Sister Cities International, which was created by president Dwight D. Eisenhower in 1956.

New Brunswick has four Sister Cities:

  • Tsuruoka, Japan
  • Fukui, Japan
  • Limerick City and County, Ireland
  • Debrecen, Hungary

Sister Cities has sent a number of New Brunswick students on exchange programs to these cities, received delegates to New Brunswick and sent representatives from New Brunswick overseas to meet with our Sister Cities contemporaries.

This year, Tsuruoka and New Brunswick mark their 54th anniversary as Sister Cities, and Fukui and New Brunswick celebrate 32 years as Sister Cities.

In 1990, New Brunswick and Debrecen became Sister Cities, in a nod to New Brunswick’s rich Hungarian history.  In 1999, Limerick City and County and New Brunswick joined as Sister Cities.

To learn more about New Brunswick Sister Cities Program and view photos of Sister Cities events and trips, visit the organization’s website, or their Facebook page.

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