Parking Authority Operations Director Achieves Certification

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The International Parking Institute served official notification to the New Brunswick Parking Authority that the CAPP Certification Board (Certified Administrator of Public Parking), along with the International Parking Institute and the University of Virginia has recommended NBPA Director of Operations Harry J Delgado, Ed.S, CAPP, for certification based on his completion of the CAPP Program Requirements.

IPI stated in the release, “We are very proud of Harry’s achievement and are glad he has chosen to demonstrate his commitment to professionalism through attaining the industry’s premier professional credential. We applaud the New Brunswick Parking Authority for supporting his venture and academic achievement.”

CAPP is respected worldwide as the leading credential in parking. CAPPs represent the best of the industry, leading with innovation, professionalism, and expertise; providing service; and demonstrating competence in the parking profession. CAPP designation is meant to assure stakeholders (employers, regulators, consumers, and the public) that the credentialed parking professional has demonstrated an established level of competence in the field.

CAPP’s maintains a rigorous academic program in areas such as Management, Parking Facility Design, Rehabilitation and Maintenance, Enforcement, and many other Parking Industry specific topics. The candidate must prove proficiency in the various areas and successfully pass a four and one half hours examination to achieve CAPP certification.

The CAPP credential is a program of the International Parking Institute (IPI) and is administered through the independent CAPP Certification Board of IPI in cooperation with the University of Virginia. Capp is respected worldwide as the leading credential in parking.

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