Police Department Begins New Community Program to Provide “Safe Watch” to Residents

The New Brunswick Police Department has started a new community outreach initiative intended to improve the safety of some of New Brunswick’s most important residents.

Through the department’s new “Safe Watch” program, people with special needs or their caretakers may voluntarily offer information to the police department to assist officers with providing aid to them in an emergency situation.

This may include medical and behavioral information or identifying characteristics, for the purpose of ensuring that in the event of an emergency, police will readily have the information they need to properly help that person.

“By obtaining this information ahead of time, police will be better prepared to come to the aid and assistance of individuals with special needs,” said Police Director Anthony Caputo. “This can make a real “life-saving” difference in situations such as the evacuation of an elderly resident with limited mobility, a confused or lost resident with Alzheimer’s or a missing child with communication challenges.”

The information is purely voluntary and kept fully confidential. Participants may offer as much information or as little information as they like. It is not shared with anyone, unless needed to assist in an emergency situation.

Residents wishing to learn more about Safe Watch may call the New Brunswick Police Department’s Detective Bureau at (732) 745-5222 or (732) 745-5217 and ask to speak to a detective who can assist with Safe Watch.

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