Community Development Block Grants: Benefiting New Brunswick for 40 Years

This month, the Community Development Block Grant Program (CDBG) marks 40 years of giving communities nationwide the means they need to make improvements they feel will best serve their residents.

CDBG is a federal program that was signed into effect on Aug. 22, 1974 by former President Gerald Ford. It allows recipients to spend the money on the  projects that they believe will develop and improve their respective communities.

Since that time, more than $144 billion has been spent on projects and improvements in communities nationwide, including New Brunswick, which has has received CDBG funding every year since 1975, to the tune of nearly $38 million.

Here are a few examples of recent improvements in New Brunswick that have come to be through CDBG money:

By utilizing CDBG funds, the City was able to install solar powered, eco-friendly LED street lamps at Feaster Park, plant flowers around the City, and assist in the planning and design of Recreation Park’s coming makeover.

These funds have also allowed the City to install bold and flashing crosswalks, signs and curb bump outs to create safer conditions for pedestrians crossing City roads.

In 2014, the City plans to use CDBG funds for the installation of a new synthetic turf field at Memorial Stadium.

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