NBPD Mobile Operations Benefited by Federal Grant

The New Brunswick Police Department is proud to announce it has been awarded a federal grant provided through the U.S. Department of Justice’s Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant Program (JAG).

The grant is in the amount of $96,070 which will be shared among four municipalities in Middlesex County. Those municipalities include: New Brunswick, Perth Amboy, Edison, and Woodbridge. New Brunswick is the administrating agency for the grant implementation.

The $96,070 has been divided up between the municipalities based on a formula determined by the U.S. Department of Justice. The monies can be used towards the purchase of equipment the municipality’s police departments determine will benefit the department’s operation and the communities they serve.

New Brunswick has been allocated $43,448 which will be used to improve and upgrade the police department’s Mobile Police Technology and Infrastructure. These purchases include mobile video recorders, mobile data terminals, and police radio/communication equipment for police cruisers.

Perth Amboy has been allocated $23,431 which will be used to upgrade equipment on the police department’s Marine Unit, and the purchase of range equipment to improve their firearms training and proficiency capabilities.

Edison has been allocated $14,400 which will be used to supplement the purchase of a new police cruiser.

Woodbridge has been allocated $14,791 which will be used to purchase mobile data terminal keyboards for police cruisers, along with arson investigation equipment and on-scene first-aid supplies for patrol officers.

New Brunswick Police Director Anthony A. Caputo stated, “Over the last six years the JAG grant has been beneficial to the New Brunswick Police Department, providing additional funds to purchase equipment which we use to enhance the policing efforts throughout our community.  New Brunswick is proud to be the grant administrator, supporting a continued long-standing relationship with our neighboring police agencies.”

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