A Letter to New Brunswick Residents Regarding the New Brunswick Water Utility

In order to perform daily operations at the New Brunswick Water Treatment Plant, the City must have among its staff, licensed T-4 and W-4 operators to handle water treatment and water distribution, respectively.

As of July 7, the City will no longer have those licensed personnel among its staff, as the two employees who were in possession of these licenses have accepted positions elsewhere.

In order to ensure that we have the expertise required to run the New Brunswick Water Treatment Plant, the City of New Brunswick has temporarily enlisted American Water to serve as our licensed operators to help us fulfill our responsibility of providing water to all customers.

As of July 7, these American Water employees will assist the Water Utility with day-to-day operations at the plant. All current Water Utility operating and maintenance staff will be maintained.

The cost of this agreement with American Water totals $80,340 per month. The agreement will provide the City with  T-4 and W-4 licensed operators, as well as four additional licensed operators of different grades to provide around-the-clock supervision of the treatment process at the plant.

Additionally, Mayor Jim Cahill has assumed the role of Acting Director of the New Brunswick Water Utility until a new full-time Director can be hired.

The temporary agreement will span about 45 days. Any longer arrangement between the City of New Brunswick and American Water will go before the New Brunswick City Council for its review and approval.

The New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection has voiced its approval of this interim plan, which will ensure a seamless short-term solution to this situation.

This agreement with American Water will also provide the City with access to the company’s technology, expertise, and additional resources.

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