New Brunswick Ciclovia Reminds Everyone to Share the Road

Share the Road - Save a Life

As the days become warmer, more cyclists and pedestrians are commuting so be sure to share the road.

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Events, like the New Brunswick Ciclovia, are reminders that being active and living a healthy life within the community are one step outside our front doors. Whether that includes walking, running or biking, New Brunswick Ciclovia uses Open Streets for Active Living!

Designed to close down City streets to vehicular traffic and open City streets to the people, Ciclovia is a global, health movement that originated in Colombia. May 4, 2014 is the date for this Spring’s New Brunswick Ciclovia, but New Brunswick’s very first Ciclovia happened on October 6, 2013.

Among New Brunswick’s proactive efforts to make New Brunswick more bike-able and walk-able, the New Brunswick Ciclovia is another opportunity for the community to be more active and healthy. The New Brunswick Ciclovia Committees are meeting to discuss strategic goals for #Ciclovia 2014. Stay informed and updated, for the Ciclovia and other City-wide events, through the City’s informational outlets like; this website, Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr – all of which are accessible by clicking the icons at the top, right of the page.

Ciclovia Marketing pic

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