Community Food Alliance Reaches Out through “Urban Roots”

Urban Roots Feb 2014 posted in March


On February 25th, The New Brunswick Community Food Alliance presented the film “Urban Roots” at the Crossroads Theater in celebration of Black History Month and urban agriculture.

Mayor Cahill spoke at the event and noted that, “One thing we all have in common is we all eat. Some of us socialize over food, some of our families gather around food, and some of us eat on the run or maybe even behind closed doors, but we all eat. And unfortunately, some of us can only eat when there is food available.”

The New Brunswick Community Food Alliance brings together City residents, college students, community leaders and local government to ensure that all New Brunswick residents have access to nutritious, safe, affordable and culturally appropriate food at all times.

It is through educational and community outreach programs, like this free screening of “Urban Roots” with efforts among Elijah’s Promise, Rutgers and student volunteers, that the Food Alliance can bring the community together over food to teach ways that can help feed each other.

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