RWJ Fitness & Wellness Center Host 1st Anniversary Health Fair

nb-health-fair 2.22.14

Here’s what Mayor Cahill had to say about Wellness Plaza recently at the Bike and Walk Summit on February 8, 2014:

“I am pleased to report that, in just the first year of operation, more than 4,000 New Brunswick residents have joined the Center at the discounted rate to our residents, taking full advantage of all the activities offered there. I am equally excited that the New Brunswick membership reflects the City’s diversity in every way…from age with young folks and those that are not so young, race ethnicity and all income levels. The Center provides free educational courses to all New Brunswick residents, whether they are members or not, on subjects such as nutrition, healthy eating and cooking, disease management, weight loss, stress management and targeted health programs for women, men, seniors and children. RWJ Fitness and Wellness Center has helped us take a giant step in becoming a healthier City.”

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