What is Code Blue? Warmth, Shelter and Hope for the Homeless

Blue Elijah's Promise

             This winter season alone, Elijah’s Promise issued more than 25 Code Blue advisories. A Code Blue means that extremely cold weather conditions, usually around 20 degrees, put the homeless at risk of being outdoors.

              To eliminate the risk of weather-related deaths, Elijah’s Promise and emergency rescue responders search for individuals in need of warmth and emergency responders also encourage the public to call the Homeless Hotline (2-1-1) if they see someone in need.

              From here, Elijah’s Promise is able to provide warmth and safety for those in need. Guests during a Code Blue are provided with blankets, hot coffee, necessities to wash-up, and clean undergarments.

                Rachel Weston of Elijah’s Promise said, “It is important to keep people safe in cold weather.” A biblical passage regarding providing for others during the harshest of times serves as the origin of the Elijah’s Promise name. Code Blue is just one testament to Elijah’s Promises’ hard work and dedication to New Brunswick and the surrounding communities.

              Due to the large number of Code Blue instances this season, Elijah’s Promise is in further need of the following items listed with their donation location and address…

Elijah’s Promise Soup Kitchen, located at 18 Neilson Street:


              Men’s Clothing



              Toiletry Kits – especially sample sizes of baby powder, hand cream, chap-stick


Monetary Donations can be made through the “Donate Now” button located here:               http://www.elijahspromise.org/get-involved/donate/

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