No Parking Allowed on Emergency Streets

Snow Map 1.2.14

Due to the snowstorm, parking on emergency routes is now prohibited.  Cars must be removed immediately or they will be ticketed and towed.

A listing of snow emergency routes is below.


In accordance with the provisions of Sections 10.16.090 through 10.16.120, no person shall park a vehicle during an emergency upon any of the following streets or parts of streets:


Name of Street Location
Albany Street Entire length.
Bayard Street Entire length.
Church Street Entire length.
College Avenue Hamilton Street to Somerset Street.
Commercial Avenue Entire length.
Courtlandt Street Entire length.
Easton Avenue Albany Street to Huntington Street.
Elm Row Entire length.
French Street Handy Street to Spring Street.
George Street Hamilton Street to Commercial Avenue.
Georges Road Lawrence Street to Commercial Avenue.
Hamilton Street Louis Street to George Street.
Handy Street Jersey Avenue to Remsen Avenue.
Huntington Street Entire length.
Jersey Avenue Sandford Street to Handy Street.
Joyce Kilmer Avenue French Street to Sandford Street.
Kirkpatrick Street Entire length.
Liberty Street Entire length.
Livingston Avenue Entire length.
Louis Street Entire length.
Neilson Street Albany Street to Commercial Avenue.
New Street George Street to Joyce Kilmer Avenue.
Oliver Street Entire length.
Paterson Street Entire length.
Sandford Street Joyce Kilmer Avenue to Commercial Avenue.
Scott Street Entire length.
Somerset Street Florence Street to George Street.
Suydam Street Nichol Avenue to Livingston Avenue.
Suydam Street French Street to Livingston Avenue.
Wall Street Entire length.

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