Communicating Across Continents – A Brief Story about a New Brunswick Sister City

Sister Cities 4 Map

Building a sense of core values that helps society function occurs through everyday interaction and learning, but some of this City’s most important interactions occur internationally through the City of New Brunswick’s Sister Cities Program.

Mayor James Cahill recently received news that Mayor Masaki Enomoto of one of New Brunswick’s Sister Cities, Tsuruoka, Japan, has been reelected. Even though Tsuruoka is 6,566 miles away from the City of New Brunswick, the cultural values that we can continue to share encourage future intercultural education between our Cities, students and citizens.

The City of New Brunswick’s experiences of communicating across continents continues to make the City a better place to live and learn, as well as providing a world-view for new ways to grow.

To learn more about Japanese history and culture in relationship to New Brunswick and Rutgers University, there’s currently an exhibit at the Zimmerli Art Museum running through July. You can also visit: or contact Jane Tublin by phone at (732)745-5050 for more information about New Brunswick’s Sister Cities.

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