Joyce Kilmer Open House — New Brunswick Historical Association

Joyce Kilmer’s birthplace, located at 17 Joyce Kilmer Avenue in New Brunswick, will be open on Friday, December 6th from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., in observance of the poet soldier’s 127th birthday.

Kilmer was born here to Frederick and Annie Kilburn Kilmer; at the then address of 17 Codwise Ave. Kilmer is most famous for his poem Trees, published in 1914.

The rooms on the second floor of the former Kilmer family residence contain writings and memorabilia of the young American poet and essayist. The City-owned house is at the intersection of Joyce Kilmer Avenue and Welton Street. Kilmer was born in the house on December 6, 1886 and lived there for five years before the family moved across town. The house was purchased by the state of New Jersey as a historic site in 1969 and turned over to the City in 1994.

His writings and early death, at the age of 31 in military action during World War I, brought him great fame and inspired the naming of Camp Kilmer Army Post in Piscataway and Edison during World War II. This was a noted exception to the general Army policy of naming bases for officers rather than enlisted soldiers.

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