RWJF’s Film Showing of “Girl Rising”

On behalf of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, here’s an invitation to you to a special film showing of Girl Rising!

October 11th is the International Day of the Girl – recognizing girls’ rights and the unique challenges girls face around the world.  This year’s  International Day of the Girl  will focus on “Innovating for Girls’ Education”.   As part of the day, a  range of individuals and organizations — including students and teachers, non-profit organizations, governments, and companies — plan to raise awareness and take action to close the gender gap in girls’ education.

One element of this event is the inspiring film Girl Rising.  It tells the stories of nine girls in nine countries and how education has transformed their lives. The film has already reached millions of viewers through theatrical release in the U.S. and also on international television through CNN.

The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s Communications Team,  the Global Health Team and the Vulnerable Populations Portfolio are co-sponsoring a screening of this powerful film at the Foundation on October 8th.  Given the Global Health team’s focus  on finding innovative ideas from around the globe and considering how they can inform our work domestically, and the new work that  Vulnerable Populations  is supporting in the area of marginalized girls, RWJF is thrilled to be able to bring this powerful film to New Brunswick as part of this historic day.

Please join the team at RWJF in the amphitheater at 12 PM on the 8th. For further information, please contact: Jamie Bussel, Program Officer, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation at or 609-627-7691.

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