New Brunswick, NJ – New Brunswick Mayor James M. Cahill swore-in nine new firefighters during a ceremony in the City Hall Council Chambers on Wednesday, July 10.

“At a time when many communities across our state and nation are cutting fire services due to budget shortfalls, here in New Brunswick, proactive budgeting and effective management are working to maintain services and a stable level of taxation.  This is why we are able to add to the ranks of the New Brunswick Fire Department and ensure the safety of our residents,” Mayor Cahill said.

The nine new firefighters, all New Brunswick residents, who were sworn-in, are:

  • Michael C. Blackwell
  • Gary Bonura
  • Joseph Bonura
  • Jake Bornheimer
  • Jeffrey A. Howard
  • Jorge L. Ortero, Jr.
  • Gilbert Reid
  • Johnny Seelinger
  • Curtis Yarbrough

New Brunswick Fire Director Robert Rawls said the nine new firefighters exemplify the best candidates that went through the fire academy training.  “The citizens and businesses of New Brunswick are protected by the bravest firefighters in the State and these new firefighters add more quality individuals to our ranks,” Rawls added.

The nine new firefighters have been assigned to various fire stations throughout the City.

New Brunswick Mayor James M. Cahill (left) along with Fire Director Robert Rawls administers the oath of office to nine new City firefighters.  The new firefighters will be assigned to various Fire Stations throughout the City.  The new firefighters, all residents of New Brunswick, are:  Michael C. Blackwell, Gary Bonura, Joseph Bonura, Jake Bornheimer, Jeffrey A. Howard, Jorge L. Ortero, Jr., Gilbert Reid, Johnny Seelinger and Curtis Yarbrough.

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