New Brunswick, NJ – PRAB’s Caminos Seguros (Safe Pathways) Program, in collaboration with the City of New Brunswick, Middlesex County Comprehensive Traffic Safety Program (CTSP), the New Brunswick Police Department and Anshe Emeth Community Development Corporation (AECDC) proudly announces a bilingual “SLOW DOWN/MAS DESPACIO” signage campaign on Livingston Avenue designed to increase traffic safety for New Brunswick residents and visitors.

According to Anna “Cuqui” Rivera, Coordinator for the PRAB Caminos Seguros Program, the “SLOW DOWN/MAS DESPACIO” Livingston Avenue campaign has two primary goals:

1.       To raise awareness in our community and amongst motorists of traffic and pedestrian safety.

2.       To increase traffic safety overall in New Brunswick for residents and visitors.

This effort will focus on Livingston Avenue between Suydam & Sanford Streets from August through October 2012. Livingston Avenue residents and business owners are participating in the effort by allowing “SLOW DOWN/MAS DESPACIO” signs to be placed on their lawns and completing observational surveys before and after the campaign ends.

“We would love to see a reduction in traffic and pedestrian impacts on Livingston Avenue and will remain available to work with our community whenever possible in safety efforts like these throughout New Brunswick”, said Sergeant Raymond Trigg of the New Brunswick Traffic Safety Unit.  The New Brunswick Police Department will be monitoring behavioral changes in driving during this campaign by conducting random radar surveys during times deemed a “high-impact risk”.

PRAB’s Caminos Seguros Program is a comprehensive initiative designed to increase awareness and traffic safety in the Latino community and is supported through funding from the New Jersey Division of Highway Traffic Safety and the Center for Hispanic Policy Research and Development.  Caminos Seguros provides free educational workshops at businesses, schools, religious institutions and social service provider locations.  Additionally, the program provides free individual passenger safety education as well as car seat inspection and replacement.

The Puerto Rican Action Board, Inc. (PRAB) is a nonprofit corporation established in 1971 with the purpose to provide services that improve the quality of life of the low income population of central New Jersey in a bilingual and bicultural setting, and to continue our historic role as advocates for the Latino community. PRAB serves all people regardless of age, race, creed, color, national origin, ancestry, familial status, sex, sexual orientation or functional impairment.

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